Occupational Therapy for ADHD and Using REST by GAIT

According to the Early Assessment & Support Alliance (EASA), occupational therapy focuses on promoting the well-being of an individual by engaging them with various activities that have significance in one’s development. When it comes to children with ADHD, proper occupational therapy practices have been proven to help children with the following skills:

  1. Organization of materials
  2. Physical coordination
  3. Discipline in achieving everyday tasks such as taking a shower, making their bed, and getting assignments done.
  4. Mindfulness and controlling their “energy” levels (hyperactivity).

How Occupational Therapy Can Help a Child with ADHD

To elaborate on the above, sensory processing, and motor skills can significantly be improved by implementing the right occupational therapy practices.

Children with ADHD may find they have issues with sensory processing. Therapists have often used practices such as sensory integrative therapy to treat this issue. This includes giving children massages, engaging the child in rhythmic and repetitive movements such as playing on a swing set, and or riding a horse (equine therapy).

With motor skills, occupational therapists have utilized balance and control to improve both concentration and coordination.

Using REST as an in-house Alternative Therapy

REST provides children with ADHD a level of calmness and focus they will find with other forms of occupational therapy.

When using REST, your child is able to sit quietly for an extended period, do homework, work on a craft activity, watch TV or comfortably share dinner with the family.

How Does REST Work as an Occupational Therapy Option?

The REST (Responsive Equine Simulator Therapy) Chair utilizes the motions of a horse to treat children with ADHD, autism, and other neurological disorders.  These motions have been engineered to give a calming sensation yet require focus and concentration from the child so they may improve their coping skills.

What Parents Say About REST