Implemented Assisted Equine Therapy to Your Practice

Many children become physically literate naturally, but some children need extra help. Cognitive or physical disabilities, development delays due to premature birth, being neglected for long periods while recovering from severe illness, surgeries, or injuries can make it more difficult for children to gain motor control, muscle strength, and more. These children must receive the correct help within their therapy sessions. 

That is why equine-assisted therapy has become more popular because it can help children improve their motor skills while building their confidence. Additionally, many children enjoy spending time with horses; however, if they cannot, there is an alternative that therapists can use to give them a similar experience. 

The Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy

Many say that there is a natural bond between children and animals. People can recall when a child sees a furry animal and think that this interaction is cute, but it can also be helpful. This is because animal-assisted therapy helps with both physical and mental wellness by reducing loneliness and anxiety, blood pressure, reducing physical pain, and improving motivation. 

Being around horses is an excellent way for children to socialize and gain confidence while increasing their mobility. Additionally, the motion of a horse helps activate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

That is why this post will be talking about assisted equine therapy that can be used in any practice. 

Riding Lessons for Children with Disabilities

With riding lessons specifically tailored to every child’s needs, they can work on their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional challenges. Before they partake in their first ride, there is also an assessment that a registered physiotherapist completes, so the team can create a horse-riding lesson that works for the child. 

The child will learn about their mobility during the lessons while improving their coordination, muscle strength, and balance. Also, they will be earning to increase their attention levels while riding. 

It is understandable that not every practice can afford or can provide a child with riding lessons. However, there are other means to accomplish similar results inside the office. 

Hippotherapy in the Office

Hippotherapy is great for those who want to help a child with their occupational, physical, and speech therapy needs. This is because the rhythm of a horse’s various speeds, patterns, and directions move with a rider’s natural gait. When this function is working properly, the person can work on their communication, improve sensory processing, and build specific muscle groups. 

This continuous movement makes the child engage with their balance, which gives the therapist a chance to work on their coordination, language, and fine motor skills. Overall, hippotherapy is a great way to help all children with special needs to reach their full potential. 

However, it is challenging to implement equine therapy inside a practice because people do not have access to an adequately trained horse. Also, horses cannot be brought into schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, homes, or therapists’ offices. Additionally, very few therapists implement any form of equine therapy, so there is limited access. 

Luckily, there are solutions like GAIT. The company GAIT has created a therapeutic device called REST that moves the user through a natural cycle of motions similar to a walking horse. It allows people to have the same benefits of riding a horse without needing the actual horse. This product is currently being used in over 35 school districts. 

REST Benefits

Being able to have multiple options for children and their needs is essential because then, they all feel seen within any setting. That is why the REST machine is a great choice because it gives children another option for their therapeutic needs. Additionally, this machine is easily portable, so therapists can take it with them if they move from location to location. 

Some of the benefits of using the REST machine are:

  • Children with neurodevelopmental disabilities can relax, be calm, and focus. 
  • The motion of the machine allows children to self-regulate. 
  • REST can help therapists build core strength, postural stability, and balance within the child with low muscle tone. 
  • Sensory, neuromuscular, and cognitive systems are all engaged while using this device. 
  • Increased productivity and motor skills in settings where it is used. 

Where Can the REST Be Used?

One of the best things about REST is that it is entirely portable. Many therapists move between locations, whether from their own office to the hospital or a school. Either way, all of the children being looked after deserve to have the best possible care and opportunities when it comes to their own needs. 

The REST machine is portable so therapists can use it in many settings. Some of the other valuable specifications of this machine are:

  • Battery: The battery is rechargeable, so therapists do not need to worry about changing batteries. 
  • Quiet: With a quiet machine, many children will have a better time concentrating on what the therapist instructs them. 
  • Pressure Activated: It will only turn on once there is pressure, so people are less likely to get hurt. 
  • Speeds: There are 10 speeds available, so the therapist can choose which one is best at that moment. This allows them to make sure the experience is personalized for each child and their needs. 
  • Sanitization: It is easy to clean and wipe down, so therapists are not spending much time cleaning the in-between machine uses. 


There are many benefits to equine therapy with a child, like helping their cognitive, core strength, concentration, and more. However, it can be expensive to put them into hippotherapy with horses when they are already receiving therapy on the side. Instead, therapists are now looking at bringing this opportunity to their sessions so their clients do not miss out on all of the wonderful benefits of hippotherapy. 

The REST is a great machine made to help professionals bring a horse-riding simulation to those who need the added support. With a portable device, rechargeable capabilities, and 10 different speeds – any user can see that it will help all children during their latest therapy session. 

REST: Because it works

It’s time to put REST into your life. And take advantage of all of the benefits equine motion has to offer any time, any place. At Gait, we firmly believe it will be a powerful, rewarding, and effective tool for helping treat your special needs child, children, or adult.


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