What Schools are Saying

Schools systems across the country are placing REST in classrooms, therapists' offices and sensory rooms for special needs children. The calming effect it has on students greatly improves their focus, attention span, motivation, productivity and overall ability to learn. REST also has a positive impact on the classroom as a whole.

The REST chair has been amazing for several of our students. One student was able to focus without rocking and head banging for the first time all year while on the chair – and in his lifetime according to past reports) He says he feels more focused and in control of his body.
Kristine Van Ess, MS, OTRPlymouth (Wisconsin) School District
We have noticed a significant improvement in the performance of our students who have varying levels of both behavioral and academic needs. Students on the spectrum seem to self-regulate more efficiently.
Susan Henderson and Elise SorensenMadison Primary Center
South Bend Community School System
Across the board, our instructors have found that the use of the REST chair truly enhances student performance, attention span and even core development. We are deeply satisfied with its performance and positive impact on the lives of the students.
Lisa NortonSchool Psychologist
Effingham Community Schools
Brian Lux
Director, Camp Sequoia

What Parents are Saying

My oldest son now 14 who has been diagnosed with high functioning Autism. Both he and his mother found the system incredibly useful. We’re extremely satisfied.
Matthew ScharfAugusta Georgia
It helps him sit still and not be constantly fidgeting and moving his whole body around. He will just be very calm. Thank you so much.
Nicole McCallisterRiley’s Pleased Mother
Powell, Wyoming
Tara Friedman
Noah's Mom
Jamie O'Farrell
Rachel's Mom

What Practitioners are Saying

Physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and rehabilitation facilities are increasingly incorporating REST into their protocols. Its function is flexible and can used to benefit patients with varying medical needs. REST makes all of the proven benefits of equine motion readily available to practitioners and, more importantly, their patients.

With the addition of REST to the therapy plan, both boys increased the time they remained seated and they both increased the time for sustained attention to the activity. All three clinicians felt REST was not physically difficult to move, set up or use. Additionally, parents responded positively to the addition of REST to the therapy session.
Joanne Hunt, OTD, OTR/LChildren’s Specialized Hospital
Mountainside, New Jersey
I would recommend the REST machine to any organization that has children or adults with an intellectual or developmental disability.
Michael PierceExecutive Director
Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens
Robinson, Illinois
I believe REST would be an extremely valuable new tool in any physical therapist’s tool box.
Kathleen M Murphy PT, DPT Children’s Specialized Hospital
Mountainside, NJ
Terin Fetty, OTD, OTR/L
Director, Sky Climb Sensory Development Center
Lila Griffith

American-made says it all

The REST chair is made in the USA. It's manufactured to exacting standards that enable it to mimic, as closely as possible, the exact movements of a slow walking horse. A simple idea, but the accomplishment was no small endeavor. To recreate a horse's motion, video analysis played a vital role. Riders on horseback were filmed from all angles, followed by frame-by-frame analysis of the horse's gait.

Once the optimal range and magnitude of each step was determined, an electromechanical drive (gearbox) was designed that rocks the user forward and backward, and from side to side, which gives four quadrants of motion - each quadrant replicating a horse's leg as it bears or releases weight. The result is a one-of-kind therapeutic tool that brings the benefits of equine motion indoors to homes, therapy practices, rehabilitation centers and schools.