A one-of-kind proven therapy. Take a seat.

REST was engineered and is manufactured under exacting standards to mimic the movements of a slow walking horse. It’s a patented, one-of-kind therapeutic tool.

REST is a small, portable chair designed to simulate the motion of a slow walking horse. It provides children and adults with various neurodevelopmental disabilities access to the therapeutic benefits of equine motion — without the need of a horse.

The engineering behind REST.

The first step in development of REST was to define what constitutes the desirable motion of a horse — because the goal was to recreate the relaxing, therapeutic experience of riding a slow walking horse. To mimic the motion of a horse’s gait, an electromechanical drive (gearbox) was designed that rocks the user forward and backward, and from side to side. Through extensive research and video analysis of horseback riders, we were able to determine the optimal range and magnitude of the motion. The REST chair simply slows down that motion, providing a smooth, quiet and relaxing user experience.

REST is the only product available that allows equine motion to be incorporated into therapeutic protocols in hospitals, therapy offices and rehabilitation facilities. It is also used in classrooms and homes because of its calming, relaxing effect on children with neurodevelopmental challenges.

Once calm, a child can focus more intently, learn more effectively and engage more easily with their peers. Teachers and parents alike have commented that a child’s use of the chair allows them to focus on classroom activities, homework and daily tasks. More good news—the calming effects and heightened focus, particularly with children diagnosed with ADHD, can last for several hours after only 20-30 minutes seated on REST

Gait, LLC has received both Utility and Design US Patents for REST.
REST is manufactured and assembled in the USA.

REST: A Multi-Use Therapeutic Device.

Therapists, parents and school teachers have all seen the incredible improvement REST has on a child’s growth and progress.

Physical and occupational therapists like REST for its functionality and flexibility. It fits easily into a variety of treatment protocols and can be used in creative ways. REST is commonly used to improve a patient’s balance, core strength, postural control and stability.

Speech pathologists applaud REST because the equine motion improves neurological function, sensory processing and postural control. The repetitious motion also facilitates organized thinking, which plays a vital role in helping a child communicate more effectively.

Schools are excited about having REST chairs in the classroom because it enhances the performance of special needs students. Teachers throughout the country note that a child seated on REST is more relaxed, has an increased attention span, and is better able to concentrate. REST not only helps students learn; it can also improve the dynamic of the entire classroom.

Parents have found REST benefits their child in many ways. From increased focus and concentration on routine activities like homework, reading and television watching, to its overall calming effect, REST can improve the daily lives of entire families.

What people are saying.

In addition to being an excellent therapeutic tool, I was pleased to discover the ease and functionality it offers. I am able to quickly move it around so that I can position a student at a table, or any part of the room. Overall, REST has been a great asset in our school.

Sara Wight

Occupational Therapist

We are extremely satisfied. During reading and math, students using the REST seat are able to sit through the lessons, stay focused, and move on with tasks without needing to take a sensory break. We highly recommend REST in an educational or behavioral setting.

Kaylee Bohnert

Special Education Teacher

Thank you so much for allowing our public charter school to try REST. It absolutely proved its worth for our students with Attention Deficit Disorder as well as those on the Autism Spectrum. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, useful product in the area of special needs.

Susie Pierce

School Board President

  • Portable

Just grab the handle and roll it on two
wheels, or use side handles to lift it into
your vehicle.

  • 10 Speeds

Multiple speeds allow therapists to incrementally increase therapy challenges. Choice of setting also helps a child find the speed that is most comfortable to them.

  • Washable

REST has a durable polyurethane shell that is extremely easy to clean. A damp cloth is all it takes.

Engineered with you in mind.

  • Rechargeable

Rechargeable battery lasts 6+ hours. Or plug REST into an outlet and use while recharging at home, school, or the office.

  • Quiet

REST runs silently, making it ideal for classrooms.

  • Pressure Activated

The REST chair is pressure activated.

REST will only provide the therapeutic motion of a horse when sat on.

Length 24″ | Width 14″ | Height 18″ | Weight 64 lbs | Weight Capacity 250 lbs