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REST® works at calming and soothing children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactive and attention deficit disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders.


Horse therapy has been used since 500 B.C.E., and studies have concluded the motion of a walking horse promotes relaxation.


The therapeutic value of horse riding is documented by years of academic research and real world experiences.


Equine-assisted therapeutic interventions are used in many institutions worldwide for the treatment of individuals with mental and physical disabilities, and tens of thousands have seen their neurological function and sensory processing improve.1


REST draws upon the results derived from 50 years of hippotherapy research that has proven the movement of the horse’s pelvis during horseback riding provides motor and sensory inputs to the human body.2


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Furthermore, scientific studies have linked two important findings:

  1. The stimulation received from the horse’s gait resembles the stimulation produced by human walking
  2. The sensory input provided by human walking stimulates brain activity – including that of the prefrontal cortex that regulates movement control, attention, selective information processing, and the organization of goal-directed movements.3


The REST is history and science!


The conclusion: REST provides optimum treatment benefits to people young and old with autism, ADHD, PTSD, or similar conditions.


Dr. Ohtani, Applied Animal Behaviour Science

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Dr. Ohtani, Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

1,2,3 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 135 (2011) 271-276; Three-dimensional analysis of horse and human gaits in therapeutic riding. Hidehiko Uchiyama, Nobuyo Ohtani and Mitsuaki Ohta.


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